Mission Worship

With over twenty years behind it, Mission Worship – the annual conference for worship leaders, musicians and worshippers alike – has reached the stage that no branding or clever marketing strategy can ever quite deliver. When the doors open on a cold Friday evening in November, in Eastbourne and the delegates arrive, it will feel like a family reunion.

Mission Worship has always done things a little differently, right from its debut in 1997. Instead of starting small or focusing its efforts on an existing church stream, the first conference was aimed at all denominations and part of a range of initiatives to encourage and equip worship leaders and musicians, including the launch of a magazine and a series of one-day conferences.

Those first events were known by a different name – Worship Together – but the vision was just as clear as it is today; not to promote one single style of worship, but to offer an experience that would help people of various backgrounds and church streams engage.

This desire to cast the net wide came in large part from John Paculabo, Kingsway Trust Trustee and Head of Kingsway Music. A former musician, A&R manager and label founder, he had a firm desire to see worship flourish, reflect the Church worldwide and make an impact on communities.

This blend of passions infused Mission Worship and helped make it unique.