EC-GO: Teaching Inspiration, and encouragement for every season of life.

Here at EC-GO we’re passionate about equipping the church for action. That’s why we’ve created a brand-new streaming platform for Christian resources.

What’s on EC-GO?

For now, EC-GO is made up of 4 channels of video and audio: Home group resources, Spring Harvest Home 22, Featured, and All Content.

More videos and resources will be regularly added to keep the channels fresh with new content to discover.

What’s the vision?

Equipping the church for action starts with you. The church is made up of millions of people just like you. You matter. Your spiritual life matters. Whatever you feed, grows. EC-GO is all about nourishment, the nourishment of your spiritual life.

Your spiritual life is directly linked to your everyday experience of life. And in that everyday experience we all go through seasons: seasons of growth, seasons of struggle, seasons of celebration, and seasons of lament.

With that in mind, we are creating and uploading seasons of content for you to use every three months which will consist of home group resources to help guide group discussions and prayer times.  We won't be removing content from previous months, so the library of resources available to you will continue to grow.

EC-GO seasons

Seasons are important - both spiritually and physically. God is with us in every season we experience in our lives.

The natural world we live in, the world God made for us, is completely dependent on seasons. Seasons are essential for new life and growth. They also bring context to what we experience and why we experience those things.

When we really take a moment to feel the season we’re in with all our senses, we nourish ourselves, we give space to reflect and we find perspective in God.

We align with the season and connect with a vital part of ourselves and what God is teaching us in that moment.

We gain powerful insight into how we could be living - more in tune with the rhythms of nature and, in turn, how God wants us to live. After all, are not the natural seasons like the seasons of our lives?

It’s our hope that you use the videos and resources in EC-GO to spiritually nourish yourself, your home group and your church. Take stock of the season you’re in and embrace it with it all that you have to give.

Let God in, to every season of your soul. He’s the very fabric of our lives into which everything else is woven.

From the team at EC-GO, let’s GO!

Click the video below to see a tutorial of all the best bits of EC-GO